Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Discover Africa ATC was made using a block of wood slightly larger than a domino and covered with fur fabric. I used a small cup hook to hang the elephant from and then stamped the words onto a piece of leather (fabric sample!). Added some beads threaded onto wire and another charm threaded with fibres and the ATC is backed with brown mulberry paper. My photographic skills are not very good and the picture doesn't do it justice. I am quite pleased with this one.

The other ATC I have entitiled 'A Man's Difficult Decisions?' I really like this 'Man in Thought' stamp and wanted to illustrate a choice in a man's life! So...does he chose to spend his money by making a proposal of marriage to his lovely young lady, or buying a gold watch or spending his savings on a car? Difficult choices indeed!!

I am playing tomorrow so intend to have a craftie day today. I am desperate for some face moulds and spent half of yesterday trawling round shops in a vain attempt to purchase. As usual DC'ers have come to my rescue and passed on some websites! (Don't know why I bothered wasting time going out really!)


southern fairy said...

they are lovely viv :)

shall add u to my blog list as well now if u don't mind :) xx

Nicks said...

fab blog mrs... er........ you been keeping it quiet!! I'm now off to add you to my blog as well!

Trudy said...

love these

Maureen said...

Viv - you are getting on so well - really proud of you!!!