Saturday, 12 April 2008

In the beginning.......

Having viewed other blogs with envy, I decided to try my own!

Am not sure if anyone else will be interested in my musings but lagging well behind my other half with regard to the inner workings of this amazing box known as the PC, thought I would try blogging. (Something he hasn't done in his impressive repertoire of PC related knowledge)

Having worked with computers for many years I have always felt at home using them. I am not however, in the least bit interested in HOW they work, just as long as they do! Don't think I could live wthout the old PC now... if I was unable to look at other peoples wonderful artistic creations I would be bereft! The 'box in the corner' has opened up a wonderful world to me and i have made many new 'on line' friends!

I have no pretensions about my own ability as far as crafting is concerned. I have aways considered myself as having an eye for colour but not a good enough eye to pursue a career in art or design. That doesn't stop me though from trying out new things. Greatly encouraged by crafters on the DC site, I have recently emerged out of my comfort zone of making basic Artist Trading Cards using printed images and card embllishments and tried experimenting with other mediums. I have not forsaken my card making entirely but actually now find it easier working on smaller pieces!

Of course, the outdoor bowling season is almost upon me... my Club opens tomorrow.. so a little less time to craft during the summer I fear!

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