Thursday, 17 April 2008

Paris in the Springtime?

Can't believe how quickly the last few days have gone by. Wish I could say I have done something constructive but apart from 2 cards requested by a friend, haven't done anything craftie at all!

This collage ATC was made for a one to one swap on the DC site. I found the brooch in an old tin that must have belonged to one of my ancestors! Have lots of bits and bobs that I have kept and only now realise I must have been keeping all this 'junk' for a reason! I intend to try Altered Art (when I become a bit more confident), but I really liked this little gilt brooch of Paris - it conjured up an image of one of my ancestors wandering down the Champs-Elysees!!!! (They probably never left England but the image is a nice one!)


Maureen said...

A lovely card and a great (possible) story to go with it. - maureen x