Monday, 26 January 2009

Never judge a book...... it's cover! Margaret's challenge this week was a Triptych ATC on any theme. I like the shape of this one as it is just a scaled down version of a gothic arch!
I used several varying shades of blue ink and sponged the background then stamped several of the 'Ink and Nibs' stamps by Invoke. On the front 'doors' I used a small book embellishment and cut out some specs and case from a Tag Art book by Paper Pizazz. Inside, the same book supplied the image of the lady in her reading room. I painted over the entire ATC with mica shimmer powder in Tropic Blue. The finished ATC has a gorgeous shimmery look to it which isn't completely captured by the photo.
TMTA's challenge this week was the colour 'Ice Blue' and I've submitted this - I hope it fits in with the challenge!
Oh and I almost forgot.. a huge THANK YOU to Maureen who gave me an award for being creative - I really appreciate it and it's now on the right hand side of my page!


  1. It's fabulous Viv - love all the stamping.

  2. ooh very pretty!! beautiful shades of blue.

  3. Stunning, love the icy blues and of course the great stamps.

  4. what a bautiful work!! love the shape!!

  5. Beautiful work Viv,I did say that somewhere else lol but.......
    Tag! You're it! go to my blog and read all about it !!xx


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