Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Margaret decided we needed something else to occupy us other than the weekly Monday challenge so she set up a group called MAD Mamma on stands for Monthly Art Dolls although it does actually describe the participants very well!

This month's theme was Spring.

So please say hello to Flora or Marigold or Daffodil or Daisy....... can't quite decided on a name for her yet! As the weather at the moment is nothing like Spring poor Flora/Marigold/Daffodil/Daisy may have to wait a while longer to take her seed packets from her waistband and use her fork and watering can to plant them !

She's 6" tall and made from a template. After cutting out the body parts I stamped small leaves all over her and made her a 'skirt' from fabric flower petals and added a further yellow flower . Her hat is two fabric leaves and the two ladybugs are tiny wooden embellishments. I put a sparkly fabric flower on each of her feet and gave her a cardboard watering can and fork. Her joints are all connected by brads.

As everyone works off the same template it's amazing how different everyone's interpretation of the theme is... I never thought I'd get into making paper dolls, but have loved doing this!


Pattie said...

Thankyou Viv for commenting on mine too,I saw yours yesterday in the pool,was instantly inspired,I love Flora (as i call her lol) with all her seed packets etc, Just Brilliant !

KarenR said...

she's certainly spring-like & made me SMILE. Tour title of the blog post gave me a fright as if you're heading into spring we're heading into autumn, but a few more months of sunshine for me to go I think (some rain would be nice though for the lawn & sleeping)

Janet said...

sooooooooooo cute!! :)

Belinda said...

Hi She is very pretty I am in this group too and I am yet to make this months doll but if last months was anything to go by it should be fun. Belinda (rosemae)

Agnes the Red said...

what a cutieeeeee!!!! It's so grey and snowy out here at the moment, it was lovely to come across this sunshine gal!