Friday, 5 February 2010


I was real pleased to see the fabulous Pink Petticoat had a 'Think Pink' kit. Although it took ages to download (over an hour) it was well worth it.

This card obviously is for my stash to sell for Breast Cancer Campaign. I have made a few of these in different sizes and was thinking I could have done with an alphabet die for the letters as they were real fiddly to cut out properly. Maybe if these type of cards prove popular I shall invest in one.

As the sewing machine was still out (from the fabric postcard attempts) I decided to stitch the paper onto the card ( a first for me!) and I was happy with the result (eventually!).

I then had a thought that if I make more, I should attach the pink ribbon with a safety pin so it can be removed from the card - am considering?


  1. Oh Viv. How beautiful. What a talent you have. Its just gorgeous.
    Happy Crafting.
    Love Sandra xx

  2. This is beautiful in its simplicity Viv. Respect for cutting out the letters by hand lol x

  3. This looks very classy, it is beautiful. Petra. xx

  4. Lovely card for a great cause.

    Now, tell me, how have you got all clever and got your blog to use the whole screen?

  5. Don't use a safety pin, use a tie tack!


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