Tuesday, 29 March 2011


My poor OH has spent HOURS trying to sort out the mystery of the missing pics. He has done absolutely everything!
The strawberry card I uploaded no problem - but when we went back and checked the older uploads for some unknown reason all the picture codes have changed and they're giving out error messages when you try to view- blogger won't recognise them (sorry if this is all gobbledygook...it is to me too!! LOL).
He messed about for ages with the Less is More challenge card and managed to upload with a new code but he thinks if I want all my pictures back I am going to have to go through each one singly and alter the old codes - I could be here for ever!!!!!!!
Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions but nothing worked, so for now we have just given up. DH is convinced that the problem is with Blogger and nothing to do with my PC/opearting system/browser/firewall etc.
I may well have to start a complete new blog... will try again in the morning and take it from there. 
Night everyone!


Zoechaos said...

I'm afraid your husband is right the codes have become corrupted and it is a blogger problem. If you have a blogger account check 'my account' you'll see you have a picsa account and every picture you upload to your blog is copied there. On Sunday when the problem started for me I found there were still good copies there so all is not lost.

Changing Browser means you can safely reload them to your blog without problems. Within Explorer and Blogger every-time you go into your posts you run the risk of corrupting them again.

More information might be available now on Blogger Help Forum. XOXO Zoe

Anne said...

Don't give up!

Have you read this? http://knownissues.blogspot.com/

I had lots of Blogger problems when I used IE, much better in Firefox.

Don't know why, but it is


Zoechaos said...


If the URL above does not work just type 'Pictures not showing up in my blog' in the search tool. They seem to think there is a fix that is working for new uploads but older ones will have to be manually fixed. The alternative of using a different browser is also mentioned there. Good luck XOXO Zoe

MaggieC said...

Viv, I found this as I was going through the WOYWW blogs - you may find help here. http://stampingbyh.blogspot.com/