Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ancestry v ATC's?

Two of my Ancestors!
This is my maternal Great Grandmother Ellen and my Dad. These pictures are two of my favourites.
Dad enlisted in the Navy as soon as he was old enough and served in WW2 during the battle of the Atlantic. Sadly he is now no longer with us and I have had no contact with him since my teens. So many questions now left unanswered!

Ellen lived to a ripe old age and although only a child when she died I remember her very well. She taught me to read!
She was a lady of tremendous spirit and as I have researched my roots, I have begun to understand why she was so feisty! Her mother was in service and bore 3 children out of wedlock. Ellen herself went into service at an early age. It is obvious from my research that Ellen hated injustice and was prepared to 'stand up and be counted' hence the theme of the ATC.
She did not marry until she was 28 and had 6 children. Ellen's soldier husband died prematurely in 1924 (she outlived him by almost 40 years!) and Ellen did battle with the Ministry of Defence for an increase to a meagre war pension to help support her family.
She worked in a 'ladies powder room' at a city centre railway station until she was 70 and then argued with her children who said it was about time she retired - in the end she conceded defeat! I think this must have been one of the very few times in her life when she didn't rebel!
Ancestry v ATC's? Can't choose between them!


Maureen said...

I love these stories that go with your cards- maureen x


Absolutely fantastic story. Ellen sounded like my kinda woman.

Jan said...

Hi Viv - remember me? (GrannyJan from DC!)
Lovely start to your blog - love the ancestry stories. I shall look forward to more!
Come over and visit me some time

Agnes the Red said...

Hiya! Not sure if you remember me from DC but just wanted to say your blog is looking great and I really like the pieces you've shown so far (those gothic arches are fantastic). Keep up the good work! - Ange

Sherry said...

Love your blog Viv (I'm Sherry from DC). I haven't been brave enough to start a blog of my own but love looking at other peoples.
Great stories and works of art too.
I'll be back - lol xx

WendyK said...

Lovely stories Viv

Faye said...

Viv, after reading your kind comment on my blog concerning my great grandmother, I checked out your April blog till I found your fantastic ggm! What a woman! Enjoyed hearing your story and good luck in the genealogy research.