CASE'd Cards

Some of the cards you see on this blog have been CASED. (Copy and Share Everything) 
I am  one of those people who collect ideas from EVERYWHERE!!!
Most times if I have taken inspiration from another crafter I ask permission first or at least acknowledge them in my blog post but occasionally I have not kept a note of where some ideas came from. 
If I have blogged a make that came from one of your ideas, thank you for sharing your creativity and hopefully you will consider my CASE a compliment!

Similarly, if I have inspired anyone visiting my blog to CASE something of mine then I am happy! An acknowledgment would be nice but to me, crafting is all about sharing ideas and inspiring each other so I won't take offence if you didn't make mention of where it came from, although I hope you feel able to do so and provide a link back to my blog- I love visitors!

Happy Crafting! x

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