Tuesday 24 June 2008

No Dime, Just Time

I made the hands for this piece yesterday and the design has been floating in and out of my head all last night. I finally put it together this morning before I went to the bowling green. The quote is by Oliver Wendell Holmes, who was an American physician but regarded as one of the best 19th century American poets.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a silver dime which would have completed the ATC. I may have to wait until I can ask my American in laws to send me one so I can finish it!
I had intended to send it as a RAK to a friend, but am undecided. Shall sleep on it and then make my mind up whether it's 'OK to go' as it is, minus the money!

Monday 23 June 2008

Inspired by New Romantics- or back to my youth!

This sculpey head is for a DC sawp hosted by AngyB. I used bronze Eberhard Faber Powder and gloss lacquer. After using the fibres for the badana I mounted the head in friendly plastic. I gold embossed the sides and printed the words onto vellum and attched with a gold brad.
My thanks to Spandau Ballet for the inspiration! I was listening to their record 'Gold' on the radio when I had the idea and it seemed fitting to use some of the lyrics from their song which were freely available to download!
I think the line - 'always believe in your Soul' is a thought provoking one - believing in yourself is probably one of the most important things a person can do.

Sunday 22 June 2008


Sian is hosting a 'mesh' swap. Here are my two efforts.
The 'Flowers and Beads' one I made by hand stitching the beads and adding some silver embossing powder to the edges of the crinkled paper. After scattering some seed beads around the silver spiral clip I finshed off with some of these metallic looking flowers. I am undecided about this one, but the deadline is a week away so will probably have to send it in as it is.

The other ATC I have called 'Trapped'. I don't know if this is a depiction of my own personal feelings at the moment or not, but I have tried to capture the butterfly vainly attempting to reach the flower and being unable to do so as it is ensnared in the mesh.
I made this using acrylic paint around the bottom left of the 'mesh', stamped the butterfly image with 'blue glass' colour and added a sparkly blue flower. The word 'trapped' was made using shrink plastic.
I hope the butterfly manages to escape.

Tuesday 17 June 2008

2 Fried Eggs

This CD was ordered by a friend whose daughter in law is a Chef. Once again a fimo head has appeared...there is a Fimo Fairy in this house I'm sure!!!!!
Haven't done a lot of crafting at all the last couple of weeks... May and June are always mad months on the Bowling Green! Had an order for several 90th Birthday cards and another for a parchment 21st. Have done the 90th ones, yet to start on the parchment!
Maureen has offered to send me another jigsaw piece so am looking forward to trying out my alco ink techniques (and the newly purchased stamps!)

Monday 2 June 2008

Venetian Invitation!

Here is another attempt at 'Altered Art'.

Was mooching about and found a couple of CD's.. there may have been something really important on them but I didn't bother to check!! The flocked silver and black background paper was saved from my Christmas crackers as was the black velvety paper which is behind the silver hanging clip and pink brad. (I know crafters relatives think we're all mad saving scraps...but you see somethimes we DO actually use them!!). I sculpted the mask from Fimo (what else!) and painted it with pink acrylic paint, then covered a piece of wood with sticky ribbon and added some gems and fibres. Not another Fimo face, I hear you say...but I only have two more left from the first batch I made so you mightn't see any more of them for a while!! (But I'm not promising!!) Used some black brocade for the headband and added feathers and pearls. My face painting could be better but I actually think she has a bit of a 'morning after a party' look with her mascara having run!!!