Wednesday 28 May 2008

Promise and Pink

I have today been able to sit and make a mess in the craftie space. I bought some cosmic shimmer powders and succeeded in making the office wall a lovely gold irridescent colour..I was actually trying to spray paper at the time but never mind! Some of it DID manage to stay on the paper and I have put it to dry. (Watch this space!)

Once I cleared up I decided to fiddle about with another fimo face (What else???!).

'In the Pink' is a pearly fimo face embedded in friendly plastic and mounted on Mulberry paper. Then put some tissue in a 'frame' shape and coloured with shimmer powder and acrylic paint.

'A Promise To Write' was another attempt with shrink plastic and some stamps. I liked this brown versamark ink and hope the purists amongst you will forgive me for the tiny tiny heart peel off on the vellum envelope!!!!

Friday 16 May 2008

Rhapsody in Blue!

Here it is! The mammoth Jigsaw challenge set by Maureen!
Now called Rhapsody in Blue. (Well I think it's rhapsodic anyway!)
Have had some tantrums whilst trying to decide what to do but then calmed down when I'd finally settled on a theme! This is also my first play with 'friendly plastic' too! Have no idea what the FP shape is meant to depict, I just liked the effect. And of course, now I'm completely hooked on making Fimo faces so I had to add one onto this. Used a piece of silver wire to make the treble clef and am actually quite chuffed with myself now it's finished.
Another piece of altered art and thank you Maureen for making me try to expand my artistic horizons.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

The last week has simply flown by. Been busy in the garden, playing (winning two, losing another), Mum had a hosiptal visit and in between has had some good days but some bad and my crafting inspiration appears to have deserted me. I have been desperate to do the jigsaw bit that Maureen sent me but so far all I have managed to do is Alcohol Ink the background! I am thinking about just using beads and metal but no doubt will change my mind!

I sat last night and made one ATC with an 'Ophelia' stamp, some skeleton leaves and white tulle. Nothing spectacular really, but at least it got me back into crafting mode! Off for a game this afternoon, then tonight it's back to looking at the jigsaw!!!

Thursday 8 May 2008

After having played about with Maureen's Time Man, I was sitting here looking at the "radioactive" Fimo and thought one of the clay molds looked like a 'moonie' decided to have a go with the moveable arms and legs! Hence the birth of Moon Man. I embossed some thick silver paper to try and give a 'crater'effect for his body and mounted it on some blue holographic card covered with a piece of sparkly fibre. I attached the sparkly fibre using star shaped brads and then just added the words! I think he has a happy face and believe me when the lights are out you can see him from far away (just like the moon!)

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Jig-Saw Surprise

The largest jigsaw piece in the world arrived this morning. It measures over 7" by 5"! I have never seen a piece this big! Sent to me by Maureen with a note saying 'something for me to alter'!!! Don't know where to start! But am looking forward to it.
Also in the envelope was the 'Time Man' pictured..isn't he just lovely? A RAK for me from Maureen and too nice to hide away in my album so he has to be hung on the wall where I can play with his arms and legs!
Have spent all day out in the garden enjoying the sunshine and weeding. Even Mum managed to come and sit outside for an hour, so it's been a good day.
Am now going to sit and stare at the jigsaw and hope inspiration comes soon.

Monday 5 May 2008

After a visit to fellow crafter Mandy and having a good gossip about techniques, she gave me a beautiful piece of wire work which she had made. Sitting back at home admiring it, I thought I might try and play with wire! (Oh Comfort Zone, where art thou???!!!!) Anxious also to try out my new Sculpey art molds, I decided to combine the two! 'Prisoner of Love' is actually quite a pretty face and I have decided I like her! Whilst on the subject of molds, I bought some Fimo at a real knock down price of 39p per block- pink and white. After baking I was carrying my new little faces back upstairs to the craft room. No lights on, as I got halfway up the stairs all the little white faces began to glow like radioactive smileys!!!! Giggling, I put the light on and then realised that the pink clay had dried with a pearly finish on it. That will teach me to read the labels!

Thursday 1 May 2008

Have finally taken the plunge and altered a matchbox. Made the box from a Mirkwood template. The photo of the outside hasn't reproduced the colour of the background fibre very well nor the lovely colours in the large pastille but at least I have finally managed to make my first bit of altered stuff! Have not thought of a title for it yet...maybe 'Beachcomber' is apt? Am open to suggestions!