Thursday 27 August 2009

Owls, Fairies, Flowers and Buckets!

Well it's seems an age since I posted anything - and it is only a week! I haven't been idle craft wise just not very messy! I have spent what free time I've had making cards - nothing too intricate either! I have made a lot using some basic card toppers - those of you who make cards will be well familiar with the Art Deco ladies. I haven't pictured them here.
Those I have put here on my blog are some of the others I've done this last week.

The Owl, Fairy, and Flower card were all made using pre printed card blanks. The Owl is an Elusive Images stamp, coloured with watercolours and I added some jewels for his eyes and some tiny gems on the flower outlines of his body. I sat him on a 'perch' made from Maya Road chipboard pieces suitably coloured with Tea Dye Distress Ink. I like him!

The 'Fairy' again was stamped and sat on a chipboard piece painted with silver metallic paint coated with some holographic glitter.

I thought the bronze pre printed blank didn't need much so just outlined a couple of flourishes with copper glitter and added the double fabric flower secured with a jewelled brad.

The last card here is made from a stamp sent to me as a present from a fellow crafter Pam. Not being a cutesy person, I have no idea why I like these vintage 'kids at the seaside' stamps so much! But I do.
I stamped 'Baby with Bucket on Head' onto a background made using inks and shimmer powder, stamped then cut out a shell image and mounted it onto dark blue card. I used more inks for the actual card (no shimmer powders as I wanted it to be 'flat') and attached the tag complete with brad, gold starfish and gingham ribbon. I finished the card with some more ribbon and some real shells from my collection!

All of these cards were easy and quite quick to make - so I made the most of my limited free time!

Thursday 20 August 2009

Taken Advice!

After leaving the clay piece overnight and coming back to it this morning, I definitley decided I didn't like the gold background. So out with the gesso!

I mixed some Pearlescent Tint with 'Pale Olive' and re did the background.

Am happier now! So thank you Sherry!

I may add some random mosaic pieces before it finally takes up residence on the work room wall.

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Castles in the Air

After a hectic few days I found some 'me' time and decided to start a project I have been wanting to do ever since I saw an example in a magazine.

The designer had been inspired by a recent holdiay in Venice and had created a truly stunning mosaic by stamping into polymer clay.

Never trusting myself and my own creativityand certainly not being an expert in polymer clay I decided to attempt something in a similar shape but on a much smaller scale.

Overall I'm not sure making it smaller was a good idea as I can't make my mind up if the balance is right but........ my initial impression is 'not too bad'!!!!

As with all things my photography skills are not up to scratch and unfortunately the mica powders shimmering colour is not well reproduced in the picture - (the grey clouds didn't help the daylight either).

I used a variety of colours in both metallic rub ons and mica powders but predominantly used Golden Pear, Mathracite, Copper and Red Bronze powders and Brass and Gunmetal metallic creamy rub ons and used edges and pieces taken from some stamps to make the impressions. And of course, I had to pop on a fimo face somewhere!

I have mounted the piece onto an acrylic painted canvas (as in the original example) but it may end up on another background as I'm a little unsure about the gold paint - I might try a dark background to make the piece stand out more, but at the moment can't make my mind up about what colour! (Any suggestions gratefully received!)

Thursday 13 August 2009

I love trees.
Stark bare Winter trees with frost glistening on the branches, Spring trees with leaves unfurling and blossom appearing, Summer trees when their majestic shapes are filling blue skies and Autumn trees, when the whole colour spectrum ranging from brown to green to reds, golds and oranges can be seen along across all the landscape wherever you live be it town or country.
This card was made using one of the Tall Tress themeplates from Elusive Images.
The main background is courtesy of Flickr (with a few stamped flourishes added!), digitally lightened and printed onto an inkjet tranparency.
I stamped the trees and words in 'Espresso' ink onto the original darker background and layered onto cream then brown card.
I finished by adding some brown ribbon and a leaf button.

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Peaceful Princess

It has been a while since I entered something into a challenge and I've just been having a quick look through my favourite sites to see what everyone has been up to. At One Powerful Hour the theme was Dolls.

I made this doll for a swap over at Monthly Art Dolls on Flickr, so all of my Flickr group friends will have seen her before.
She is a 'no sew' doll which suited me as I am not very good with needles and thread!!
She is made from a wooden batten and fibrefill. Her body is wrapped in some red and gold shimmery silk fabric and tied with gold threads. Her face and hand are made from clay and painted.
She looks better if you click on the picture to enlarge her!

I have called her Shanti, which means 'Peace' and she is now winging her way to her new home with Malissa in America.
My friend June who hosts the 'So Artful' challenge blog has set the theme of 'Sleeping Beauty' for this week, so as Shanti looks like she is in blissful repose, I have also added this to June's challenge too.


My card stock is seriously depleted and I have set myself the task of 'no altering, no making lots of mess, just card making' for a couple of days.

This serious self imposed sentence is very difficult - there were a couple of things in a recent magazine (one made out of a stampbord box and another made from clay mounted on canvas) which I am itching to have a go at.... but I am trying to be good!

So with halo polished, I made a couple of cards using the new bird stamps. I have also stamped up lots of images ready for more cards.... whether I manage to use them today or not is a different matter.... the stampbord box is looking at me!!! I shall have to put it out of sight otherwise the card box will remain half empty.

Monday 10 August 2009

Hasty cards!

I have sorely neglected my blog (and my crafting) whilst the National Championships are ongoing -(am off again at the end of the week), but I did find time to make a couple of cards in the middle of last week.

I also met up with some crafting friends last Saturday and had a great day! I finally got my hands on the new goodies that Maureen had got for me on a recent shopping trip to Graphicus at Barnard Castle. (It wasn't a long list I gave her...... honest...... but she did mention something about the car boot not being big enough......must have been all the stash she bought for herself, mine was only a teeny pile....)

I have waited an eternity ( well about a month really.......) for this new stash and have a couple of clear days this week to try all the new stamps and other bits out!