Sunday 28 December 2008

Rhapsody in Blue {Part 2}

People who have followed my blog from the very beginning will have seen the jigsaw piece used in this project before.
This was my very first attempt at an altered jigsaw and the piece itself was sent to me by Maureen earlier this year with a comment to 'enjoy yourself'.
The jiggy bit has sat in a box along with some other made pieces and although I hadn't forgotten about it, I didn't know what to do with it!!
At Christmas some very good friends bought me some crafting goodies, which included two canvases. As crafting has been difficult of late I have tried to ease myself back into the swing of things by making this to hang on the workroom wall (now officially christened 'The Den'!)
The canvas was painted with a blue acrylic wash, 'faded denim' distress ink used on the music score background (which was edged with mulberry paper for some definition) and the large jiggy then attached. The charms are on samples of 'black gloss' worktop pieces obtained from a local DIY store (which I got when I was trying to decide what colour worktop to have in my new kitchen 3 years ago! - Knew they would come in handy.....) These worktop samples have a really high gloss finish which doesn't show very well on the photo, and the charms look really effective on them! Finally I added the small jiggy with the conductor and then used Stazon 'Azure' ink for the flourishes and completed the piece with the flower embellishments. The completed piece measures 12" by 9".
Now all I need to do is arm myself with the hammer and look for another picture hook!

Friday 26 December 2008

I finally finished this little fridge magnet a couple of days ago. It's now stuck firmly to the door of the freezer here in my new work room!
I love this stamp, I have used it numerous times in various projects but it has never lost it's appeal to me!
This image was stamped onto vellum then coloured and some irridescent glitter applied to the wings.
The charms were in a pack that I got from a friend for my birthday and it's taken me this long to get round to using any of them!

I saw this saying for the first time applied to the side of a car about four years ago with the words - 'In memory of our friend ........., ' underneath.
I found it very emotive that these people had obviously lost someone close to them in a traffic accident and had paid tribute to him in this way.
I have never forgotten the phrase, nor it's message.

Saturday 20 December 2008

Enter The Dragon!

I have had so little time lately. I haven't even put up the Christmas Tree and am still a couple of presents short. The other things that have required my attention have prevented me from doing any serious crafting and I have felt real guilty that I haven't been able to send all my very good crafting friends a little something to show how much I appreciate their friendship, encouragement and inspiration. I had started to make a few things earlier in the year so for the last few days I have set about finishing them and sending them off to their intended recipients. The whole Christmas thing has had me really stressed out this year with so many other family things that I have needed to do.

This hopefully should have arrived at it's new home by now. It's ATC size and the background is acrylic paint, shimmer powders and red embossing powder. The fabric dragon was one of my purchases at the NEC earlier in the year.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Catching Up

Sadly, a family matter has prevented me from posting or crafting recently. I made these two Christmas ornaments before things took a downward turn and have been meaning to post them for a while. These are both now at their new home. They were made from parchment overlaid onto metallic gold card. The card had eyelets punched into it at the top of each triangle. Before threading the ribbon through I put in a tiny 'surprise'. Once I'd finished the parchment overlay I added some glitter glue to highlight the 'bauble's' on the tree and the petals of the Christmas Rose. The ribbon was then threaded through the top of the parchy and knotted to make it secure. Both ornaments are now with their recipient waiting to be opened on Christmas morning. Although I still have things to do family wise, I am hoping that very soon I now will be able to find some spare time to do some crafting before Christmas, I need the solace and comfort that losing myself in the creation of something can bring.