Thursday 19 January 2023

Misty Magnus

 Brrrrrrr!!! Really cold here these last few days - and because of the ice underfoot I am feeling a bit stir crazy as I've been unable to go out for my walk - a few steps to open the shed door every morning is the most steps I have achieved.
I have a large camellia in a pot that is simply full of buds so it's living in there at the moment. The poor daffs and hyacinths that dared to poke their heads out must be wishing they hadn't bothered too!

Anyway being stuck indoors meant I had a look at what I could do - other than stare out at the beautiful bright blue skies - and found a Lavinia tutorial on social media.

This is what I managed to produce - it's not perfect but it's not too bad either. (Well, I don't think so anyway!) Although when I looked at others I began to think it was JUST passable!

Working with black cardstock was a bit of a challenge I admit (the tutorial made it look easy - don't they always! 😀) however I think I may try a few more as I quite like the dark and mysterious!

I need a lot more practice with white pen highlighting too.

I had some difficulty taking the pic which is really irritating 😠. Am not sure if it was just simply the light or the combination of the black card base with the blended oxides on top - although it is supposed to be very misty the photo made it look downright foggy!

It was good trying out another new technique and passed some time while I wait for the thaw - the idea of blending inks onto black is probably not new to most but if you've not tried it have a go!

I hope you're warm and dry in your part of blogland and thanks for looking today! x

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Thursday 12 January 2023

Blown Away

After a little trawl round Pinterest (spend more time on there than actually making!) I had a not particularly successful play with my Brushos and a stamp which is NBUS!

After the weather we have had in the last couple of days (with yet another grey wet and windy day here)and the dreadful storms and floods others are experiencing across the pond I thought this Katzelkraft stamp was very apt!

I am not very good with Brushos. I have now been practicing with them for what seems like EVER and never seem to improve. My bin is full of discarded soggy pieces of paper!
This share is one of the more passable attempts - so you can imagine what the discarded bits look like 🙈🙈 - but at least I tried! If only it looked as good as the one I originally saw and tried to emulate!

All that said I DO love this stamp as it just strikes a chord with me.
Whilst out of it's packaging I stamped a couple more images and will make CAS cards with them I think - cos the Brushos are back in the drawer until I feel like inflicting some form of torture on myself again!

This card is now in an envelope ready to be sent to a friend who is currently having all that is horrible about life thrown at her - Thanks for looking today - I hope you're warm, dry and safe wherever you are in blogland. x
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Monday 2 January 2023

December 2022 Card Chain Challenge

It's reveal day over at the Card Chain Challenge - and my goodness this month WAS a challenge!
There was this simply HUGE Tic Tac Toe board - 25 squares in all - I wonder if anyone managed to use them all?  Not me that's for sure, I had enough trouble selecting five! I chose the second column - and got my thinking cap on.

To be honest once I decided on which line to use, I managed to pull together a make which I sent to my partner Joanne this month and hope that she likes it!
So here's the challenge line I chose-

Slimline, Bird, Black, Deer and Stars

My background was done using (from the bottom up) -
Seedless Preserve, Victorian Velvet, Shaded Lilac and Chipped Sapphire. I lightly inked the moon blending outwards with Iced Spruce.

I am a relative newbie to this challenge but it's kind of given me something to aim at - and it has the added bonus that each month you receive a lovely hand made card from somewhere else in the world!

I received a lovely Christmas card from Kath in this month's chain- a beautiful row of tiny poinsettias- delicate and very pretty - thanks Kath! x
Thanks for looking today - December simply flew by - in fact 2022 flew too -
Happy New Year to everyone! x