Monday 21 February 2022


 Hello blogland!
So here's a quick update - now settling in nicely in our new home.🏡 It took such a long time but now that is all behind us and we can start enjoying. 💕😊
My craft room is just about done and I am looking forward to finding Mr Mojo (deffo still in a cardboard packing box📦 somewhere) and being able to get back to making.
BUT........ we will not have any broadband connection for another 3 weeks AT LEAST!😡 To say we were disappointed with the timescale is an understatement, particularly when we booked it in December - but the date they gave us in February they had to cancel because of staffing issues and the next available one is 15th March.... so let's hope no more cancellations on that front - not least because I am having to use my mobile phone data and loading pics uses up lots!

All that said just to show that I have not deserted blogland I have a share and promise once the broadband connection is sorted I shall spend days visiting everybody!!

Black card base and an old embossing folder and then rubbed a Versamark ink pad across it. Sprinkled off the edge of a spoon embossing powders in copper, silver and platinum. Finished with a little gilding wax to create the faux metal look.

Quite happy with the way this turned out and made for no other reason other than I unpacked the stuff!

I have a post already scheduled for 1st March and then I shall be back very soon after - broadband connection permitting - and once it is I will have a little giveaway for my loyal blogging buddies to show how much I appreciate those who have stuck by me for such a long time.
I hope you are all safe and well and send everyone hugs! x
PS - I notice that many of my followers pics have disappeared - is this normal? Did I miss something? Or has everyone left me????!!!