Tuesday, 17 June 2008

2 Fried Eggs

This CD was ordered by a friend whose daughter in law is a Chef. Once again a fimo head has appeared...there is a Fimo Fairy in this house I'm sure!!!!!
Haven't done a lot of crafting at all the last couple of weeks... May and June are always mad months on the Bowling Green! Had an order for several 90th Birthday cards and another for a parchment 21st. Have done the 90th ones, yet to start on the parchment!
Maureen has offered to send me another jigsaw piece so am looking forward to trying out my alco ink techniques (and the newly purchased stamps!)


Jan said...

These are billiant Viv - what a unique idea. Isn't it amazing what can be done with literally anything! I dont know what I shall do with the spoons - they'll probably stay in a corner for a long while yet - but when you see these things you've got to get them haven't you!
Your blog is coming along SO well x

Maureen said...

That is great Viv, love the Chef!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Great blog Viv. Love what you've been doing with these CDs, which is interesting because I thought I might set altering a CD as a challenge for one my group in Nick's latest challenge.

Katherine said...

Fits the bill perfectly!

Deepa said...

Great idea,viv.Could you give us a small tutorial on how to embellish CDs ? - just something to help us start.