Tuesday, 24 June 2008

No Dime, Just Time

I made the hands for this piece yesterday and the design has been floating in and out of my head all last night. I finally put it together this morning before I went to the bowling green. The quote is by Oliver Wendell Holmes, who was an American physician but regarded as one of the best 19th century American poets.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a silver dime which would have completed the ATC. I may have to wait until I can ask my American in laws to send me one so I can finish it!
I had intended to send it as a RAK to a friend, but am undecided. Shall sleep on it and then make my mind up whether it's 'OK to go' as it is, minus the money!


  1. I commented on DC but just thought i'd say again, I love it!

  2. This is very nice. You seem to be in a metallic mood.

  3. Stunning Viv, love it, with or without the silver dime!

  4. This is brilliant. I love it.

  5. hi viv, something on my blog for ya!!!!


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