Friday, 11 July 2008

4 Nicks.

Through my crafting I have got to know lots of talented people. They have become part of my extended family even though the majority of them I have never met! Today is Nicks' birthday. Nicks is another person whose work cannot fail to inspire you!
I made this ATC for her as a BRAK (Birthday random act of kindness for those of you who don't know the abbreviation!!).
Sculpey head (fimo fairy is alive and well!!), painted it gold. The wooden 'jester frill' was copied from the top of a kids pencil and carved from balsa wood then painted. I added a little gold bell. The 'handle' is a piece of metal from an old brooch which I flattened (if in doubt, hit with hammer!!). I put some fibres round it then mounted the whole thing onto a pice of mulberry paper and stamped the words onto a piece of card then sponged on some colour. Final touch was to add the eyelets and ribbon.
The head is quite an ugly one which doesn't show up on the photograph very well. I hope Nicks laughed when she opened it!

Am still working like mad on the cards for the fund raising. I should really be doing some work out in the garden which is beginning to resemble a jungle... but it's raining slightly so that's my excuse to sit and craft!


Sian said...

This is brilliant!

Jan said...

This is brillilant Viv - what a lot of work you've put into it. Nicks will love it I know

Debbi Baker said...

Terrific ATC!

Katherine said...

Love it!

PBird said...

It looks great Viv, im sure she loved it! x