Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Another week passed by! Was away last week and then at the weekend went to the DC forum meet at Loughborough. had a really nice day and finally met WendyK and of course, Maureen. Maureen, never one to miss an opportunity gave me some more jigsaw pieces!!! Not quite as big this time but another challenge for me!! Although I had my laptop whilst I was away and could keep in touch with everyone I couldn't of course take part in last weeks MAMMA challenge. So I was really looking forward to being able to take part in this weeks...that is, until I saw it!

The challenge was to make an ATC using Bubble wrap, a star, a flower, staples and wood! This is what i came up with! The bubble wrap is supposed to imitate paint spatter (actually it looks better in real life!) and I used cosmic shimmer powder and acrylic paints on the background. The 'easel' is a lolly stick and after adding a stamped flower on the canvas, I stuck on a paper one! I demolished a paint brush to get the top and I attached it with the staples. If nothing else, Margaret makes me think!!


  1. And your thinking seems to work well. Also as you have seen I'm using the jigsaw pieces, well one of them.

  2. You're very clever. That challenge would have given me a headache!

  3. i absolutely love this!!!!


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