Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Forever Autumn

Lots to Do has the theme of Nature this week.
I think Autumn is a lovely time of the year. I love to see the leaves changing colours, there are some many different hues
(Mind you, I just wish they would stay on the trees as I'm not so keen in having to get out the rake to scoop all the dropped leaves up from the lawns!)
This unmounted stamp is just a single tree, so I needed to stamp a couple of times in varying shades to try and get some appearance of depth, and I added the buttons in different colours again to try and reflect the shades of the leaves I can see at the moment in my garden.
It is unseasonly cold here at the moment, some snow flurries all over the country but hopefully this won't last.
Autumn should be clear blue skies and cold windy days - it shouldn't be grey skies and snow!


kareNstampZ said...

very classy love the leaf buttons

Maureen said...

Something for you on my blog Viv.

Anne said...

Lovely autumn feel, like the yarn round the edges Viv

Debby said...

Viv this is lovely! I think you captured autumn perfectly.

Deby said...

Wow. So beautiful. As Debby already said, "you captured autumn perfectly." I agree!

Ang C said...

a very beautiful card

thankyou for joining in with the lots to do challenge this week

Mags said...

Fabulous atc, love the stamp!

Thank you for joining in with the lots to do challenge this week!

Faye said...

Viv, this is so gorgeous. I love the unusual leaf buttons. This definitely speaks of autumn.

Chris said...

Very classy... I love autumn too and this is beautiful. Loving the buttons and the yarn adding texture :D
Chris xx

Janet said...

very nice! I love the buttons!

liz said...

Love your gothic arch for halloween. And this ATC is lovely.
Passing on an award to you if you want to take part. Feel free to ignore if you don't do them:)