Wednesday, 1 October 2008


There was an 'open' theme on Gothic Arches this week so I took the opportunity to post a 'fun' arch! The background of this arch is fabric - it looks like a sparkly spiders web- which I spotted in the window of a small haberdashery shop in the nearest town to me - I have another Arch almost completed (not a halloween theme!) and really should get round to finishing it! I've got loads of ideas for gothic arches as i really like the shape and size, trouble is I never have enough time to make any of my ideas come to fruition!
I've also had a bit of a spend on some stamps this week, so have been too busy stamping the images in different colours seeing what they look like instead of actually doing any proper crafting!


  1. Excellent card, I have never seen one done like that! I just wanted to stop by as your new SBS Sister and introduce myself to you and welcome you into the group. I can't wait to see more of your great talent.
    Sincerely, Leslie

  2. A great arch Viv, so that's the 'project' you were working on yesterday!!

  3. Wow Viv - that is fantastic!

  4. You have been tagged! Please go to my blog and follow the rules so you can tag 7 people too!

    Susie :)

  5. That is some fantastic fabric you found. Your arch looks marvelous, so many great details too!

  6. This is my favorite piece of artwork in your collection! Great color and images! I love this!


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