Saturday, 20 December 2008

Enter The Dragon!

I have had so little time lately. I haven't even put up the Christmas Tree and am still a couple of presents short. The other things that have required my attention have prevented me from doing any serious crafting and I have felt real guilty that I haven't been able to send all my very good crafting friends a little something to show how much I appreciate their friendship, encouragement and inspiration. I had started to make a few things earlier in the year so for the last few days I have set about finishing them and sending them off to their intended recipients. The whole Christmas thing has had me really stressed out this year with so many other family things that I have needed to do.

This hopefully should have arrived at it's new home by now. It's ATC size and the background is acrylic paint, shimmer powders and red embossing powder. The fabric dragon was one of my purchases at the NEC earlier in the year.


Jan said...

My dear Viv - I do hope that by now you are feeling able to relax just a little bit Christmas has become very stressful for everyone these days and when there are other things in your life at the same time, the pressure can become intolerable. Just remember that friends and family understand totally and that is just one pressure you can release and should not have to worry about. So what if you haven't sent to everyone or done everything - it really doesn't matter. Take care of yourself xxxx

Pattie said...

Oh wow Viv I love this,Oriental is my passion lol,this is just brilliant ! Happy Christmas xx

Anne said...

Oh, Viv, don't beat yourself up about it :).

We all know how hard it is to deal with things things like this, add in keeping all the usual balls in the air and doing the "perfect" Christmas a la Good Housekeeping just has to go out of the window.

Have a Happy Christms, I hope 2009 will be a GOOD year for you.


artisbliss said...

Bless you, I know Christmas stress is like no other, especially if it's piled on top of other trying situations. I hope you can slow down and find a measure of peace over these next few days.

Maureen said...

No worries Viv, we all understand and just want you to take care of yourself! ( the word verification letters for this comment is ' odbod ' could it be telling us something???)

June said...

Hi Viv, I echo what Jan said, I have good reason too because i was exactly the same but i did let go this year and many relatives and friends did not get their usual cards and gifts because i just couldnt manage it. I decided that through january i would take my time and make some small friendship cards and thank you cards and send a little something then instead. I know all my friends and family will be just as happy and more than understanding. Yours will too.
I hope christmas has been wonderful and wish you a wonderful new year too.
Oh and ... that dragon is amazing !!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous and you can see the work that has gone into it.
Hugs June x

Mimiko said...

This is so great and beautiful :)