Friday, 26 December 2008

I finally finished this little fridge magnet a couple of days ago. It's now stuck firmly to the door of the freezer here in my new work room!
I love this stamp, I have used it numerous times in various projects but it has never lost it's appeal to me!
This image was stamped onto vellum then coloured and some irridescent glitter applied to the wings.
The charms were in a pack that I got from a friend for my birthday and it's taken me this long to get round to using any of them!

I saw this saying for the first time applied to the side of a car about four years ago with the words - 'In memory of our friend ........., ' underneath.
I found it very emotive that these people had obviously lost someone close to them in a traffic accident and had paid tribute to him in this way.
I have never forgotten the phrase, nor it's message.


  1. Hi Viv,
    Hope you had a great xmas,
    love the magnet.

  2. Its absolutely beautiful and what a lovely reminder
    Hugs June x

  3. Oh Viv, very lovely and very lovely reminder of someone dear to your heart.

  4. Gorgeous Viv. Very sweet indeed.

  5. Love this! I collect Fairies and this one is perfect! Good job! so adorable....

  6. Viv, what a very sweet magnet, I love that stamp! Where did you get it at? So beautiful, Leslie

  7. Gorgeous, Viv! I hope your holidays were great.

    Hugs Vanja


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