Monday, 2 February 2009

Tag Your Arch!

Seeing as how I only commented a couple of days ago about how much I was enjoying making tags, imagine how I smiled when I saw this weeks challenge on Gothic Arches was called 'Tag Your Arch'!
I completely resisted the temptation to use one of the tags I had recently made and went off in search of this stamp.
It's one by Elusive Images and I really think it's pretty. I like the co-ordination and duplication between the large plate and the smaller tag.
I sponged and distressed the background in varying shades of pink and used watercolour paint to colour the hydrangea petals.
This arch and it's tag will prbably end up on a card!


  1. Lovely arch, the fiber trim is a perfect touch and such a pretty color too!

  2. the arch and tag together are just scrumptious :).

    D'you know, I tried to buy this design plate from the EI sale, but it had sold out and wasn't in my order :(.

    Still, I got another one I love for a bargain price, you can't have 'em all.

    Lovely work Viv

  3. This is such delicate work. Thanks for your comment on my blog

  4. This is so delicate and beautiful. and I love the trim at the bottom. Great work, viv.

  5. what gorgeous colours ! Love your arch x

  6. Awesome arch, Viv. love the colours and stamps you've used!

  7. Great Viv, I can't keep up with you just now, could do with some of your motivation.

  8. I think you use colour coordination beautifully. Your arch is gorgeous!

  9. Love this idea of Tagging your Arch ! lovely work x

  10. How did I miss thios one last week? Its so lovely!!!!


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