Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Metal Experimentation!

Maureen has been visiting! I have had a great few days culminating in a slap up meal last night and lots of laughs at the dinner table!

My purse however is somewhat lighter due to the craft stash that I was FORCED to buy when we paid a visit to a craft shop in Lancashire - I will not advertise it here but for those card makers amongst you, if I told you the 'ladies room' was decorated in pink complete with black chandelier and gem encrusted toilet brush you might be able to guess where we were!

Anyway back to the visit. I have never tried to do anything with metal before but the bold Maureen (who I think has tried EVERYTHING - lol) arrives for the designated 'crafting day' complete with metal tools and metal sheets in varying lovely shades, after me mentioning in passing that I quite faniced having a go but didn't know where to start. (She arrived with tons of other stuff too but more of that later).

So with the men packed off to the bowling green we proceeded to make a mess in the craft room (which I had tidied up especially!).

This wall hanging was inspired by a book called 'Images on Metal' and is the result of my endeavours - image stamped onto aluminium sheet and then edged with a 'dot' tool, the blue background paper is from my stash with a few more stamped flourishes added and stuck onto mountboard. OH had found 3 rolls of plasterer's joint tape during a shed clear out and I painted some of it with silver metallic paint, pegged it out to dry then used it down the left side adding a blue skeleton leaf, some seed beads, a couple of mosaic tiles and a silver filigree piece and metal word.

I really like this and am determined to do some more experimenting with metal, particularly as I was the fortunate winner of a recent give away in Craft Stamper magazine - 7 Paper Artsy Geometric Stamp Plates especially for using on metal - which arrived as a great surprise 2 days before Maureen did!!

I will post more details of Maureens visit over the next few days..... am off for a lie down to recover!! LOL
Mixed Media Monday has the theme of Metal this week so I have entered this into the challenge!


  1. You young things just don't have the stamina!!! - and you tell porkies! But it was a good time we had!

  2. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all! Wish I had a mentor like Maureen on hand - 'Maureen The Mentor' has a certain ring to it!

    I like what you did with the metal. I did buy a lot of Ten Studio stuff a while back, but really haven't put it to good use (yet!) At least I know where I've stored it - so that's a start anyway - lol.

    Look forward to hearing about what else you both got up to!!

  3. was Maureen a bad influence in 'that' shop?

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  5. Wow sounds like you both had a great time; isn't it fun to get together to craft!

    Where on earth is the shop??

  6. seems like a great way to spend a day. I was nearly jealous than I thought, " I do spend time with my artful friends each Tuesday evening"; trouble is they are all painting blooming great big landscapes and I am working on atc's. oh well , can't have it all!

  7. Phew - sounds like you had a hectic time but the end result (your metal card) was fabulous. This was really creating!

  8. Gorgeous artwork, and isn't it great to share such a lovely time while creating.

  9. Lovely art, and it sounds like you've been having a great time! Diane


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