Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The last rose of 2009...........or the first of 2010?

In my garden I have an old pig sty - half of it is used as a storage shed for garden tools and the other half as a store for garden chairs etc. I've had no cause to go near the place over the last month because the weather has not been dry enough to do even a small amount of tidying up outside. (And anyway I'd sooner be crafting!! LOL) But over the last week I had noticed something pale coloured outside the building bending in the winds - the weather here on Friday last was freezing cold but dry so I stopped being lazy and went to take a look.............

Can you believe this rose? Does it not know its December? It didn't look this good in the middle of our so called Summer!!! Even with all the hard overnight frosts we've had since I took this pic the thing is still blooming! I was sorely tempted to cut it and pop it in a vase inside the work room but knew it would die instantly with the change in temperature so I have left it where it is and I am now checking on it every day irrespective of the weather.
It makes me smile each time I see it - and reminds me of summer days past and hopefully those to come.


  1. It really is beautiful Viv. We only have one rose bush in our garden and in the summer it didn't flower anything like this one is at the moment!

  2. Beautiful Viv, it must really love your garden.

  3. Lucky thing! I've a couple of red buds out in the garden still but they're browned and decayed from the wet and cold...

  4. Whata beautiful photograph. Methinks the world's seasons have gone mad!
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    Jackie xx


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