Friday, 11 December 2009

Vintage Tag

I made a few tags this morning to send to some fellow crafters instead of Christmas Cards and didn't think to take pictures of all of them before I put them in the envelopes! This is an extra one I made.

I think the background paper is Graphic45 and the image is printed onto cotton fabric. The vintage lace at the top of the tag was cut from a roll that was given to me recently. I thought it looked like a star! I put a gold star brad in the centre and messed about for ages with a single bead drop which I had taken from the same piece as the beaded embellishment on the bottom. It was the fiddliest thing in the world and sorely tested my patience in trying to secure it to the centre of the lace star - but I managed it in the end - it was only afterwards I thought that I could have re strung the beads and then stitched it onto the tag.............erm......!

I attached some more lace to hang from underneath the star and used some sparkly fibres for the hanging thread.

This is my entry into Theme Thursday's challenge of 'Vintage' this week.


  1. Your tag is absolutely gorgeous, Viv!

  2. Like that very much Viv! especially the starry bit.

  3. Starry, starry night...lalala la la la.... erm, sorry... got carried away (none of that 'perhaps you oought to be !')
    Beautiful tag Viv. Love the lacy star... starry, starry ni........oops!!

  4. wow this is stunning...lvs sassxxxxxx

  5. Hi Viv,
    You have fantastic pieces of art on your blog, and this is one of them. Just beautiful. Love that star

  6. Such a gorgeous little thing! I love the Vintage look!!!

  7. What an elegant tag, Viv! LynnF

  8. LOVE that star Viv it's so beautiful - great tag too


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