Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Flying back home

The trouble with holidays is they go over too quickly don't they? Still it was good while it lasted!Have been working through the mountain of washing since we arrived home (I think I also brought at least a dozen other peoples washing home with me... where on earth does it all come from ????)
As well as being absent from the blog I have (I'm ashamed to admit) also been absent from my Flickr groups. Another member of the Art N Soul group (Sherry) has been keeping things going in my absence and I'm grateful for her help! She set a challenge to make a hanging bird using a template. The template is one I've used before in a 'bird journal jam' swap with 5 other people and Sherry must have been pyschic cos I'd started to make another bird for my own journal!! Guilt got the better of me though so instead of adding it to the already bulging pages of my own journal I finished it and have submitted it for my Art N Soul group swap. I have only shown one side of the finished piece here - the reverse can be found on my Flickr photostream here.
As with all things that I'm doing recently, this was done in a bit of a hurry so I hope whoever gets it likes it!


Netty said...

Am sure they will love it. Smashing. Annette x

Sherry said...

It was a pleasure Viv - I'm glad you're back though - LOL. Hope you had a lovely holiday - bet you're all lovely and sun tanned now - and I'm not jealous at all!

Love your bird, it looks great! (Will you do the draw on 6th June or should I?)

kay said...

glad you had a lovely holiday,have left you a message on sale blog,x

Zoechaos said...

Had to go to your Flicker and see both sides wonderful piece of art. Sounds like you had a good trip as well shame about the aftermath.

Carole said...

wonderful, I love the bird :)