Wednesday, 5 May 2010

An (unfinished) Feather In My Cap?

I have been tongue lashed by Maureen - LOL - who last night announced 'I've looked and there's nothing there' - meaning of course that I have been very lax at posting recently. I am desperately trying to get things organised here at home for the impending holiday and have had to bring forward and fit in a lot of matches which were supposed to be played whilst I was away - so there's the explanation for my absence!

I have decided to post this as it is - it's very much a work in progress as the outer frame is not quite finished - it will be left now until I come back from my holiday (if the volcanic ash cloud allows us to go that is.......)

The outer ornate frame is made from chipboard and I painted it with gesso then blue and white acrylic paint. The rectangular frame that edges the shadow box is tissue paper stuck on chipboard, painted and heated then rubbed over with bronze metallic powder.

Inside the box I put this lovely lady head figure - I bought it a while ago and have been waiting to use it. I gave her a blue hat complete with pink rose and feather and put some blue organza fabric and another feather on the bottom of the box.
The fabric and flower collage in the top corner doesn't show very well in the pic unfortunately - it was made with a triangle shape of crochet cotton (cut from a doily type thing that my gran used to stop her ornaments scratching her furniture), prima flowers (suitably coloured with promarkers) some vintage buttons and gold seed beads.

'Lots to Do' has a theme this week of 'Faces' (my lovely porcelain face figure!) and Tuesday Taggers is 'recycle' (my cut up doily thingy!).

Oooooo and I almost forgot..... I have been awarded my second ever Ginger Gem award from the team at Gingersnap Creations for my 'Caged Bird' canvas (scroll down a bit - it's here on this page!). How fabulous is that? So maybe I DID get a feather in my cap after all!!!!!


  1. Oh Viv it's gorgeous!!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday (volcanic dust permitting!)

  2. If there is a competition for being lax in posting, I'm clearly way behind (my last post being a month ago LOL) So take no notice of Mrs Cross from Leicester... it's me who should get the tongue lashing!!!
    This is lovely ... the box sits beautifully in the frame and the colours and textures of the whole assemblage are perfect. Not much more to do on it I would have thought.
    Have a great holiday xx

  3. It's lovely Viv, and as for the tongue lashing it was a very soft lash!! Well done on the award, that collage deserves it!!

  4. This is gorgeous! All the different textures, colours and details fit so very well together. Have a great holiday! Petra.x

  5. It's absolutely stunning! I love the softness and the feeling of movement that the feathers add.

  6. She's already wonderful, so I can't wait to see how you finish her!

  7. V v, this is beautiful. And I know what it is to be lax in posting. I can't remember when I put something on my blog last. I better go see if it's still there! Seems like noone's on the computer much this time of year though. Hey, it's Spring! Enjoy!

  8. oh wow Viv it's lovely.
    erm.. is there room in your case for a little stowaway?! Bon voyage!

  9. This is really inspired. I love the way this whole thing is put together - with all the different textures and colours.
    Have a great holiday.

  10. Beautiful Viv! And your caged bird canvas is Amazing! Hope you are able to get out and have a wonderful holiday!

  11. Oh, Viv, this is just beautiful! I love all the details, it's so much work, but it's really gorgeous!
    Hugs, Vanja

  12. Love all your projects and your blog. Annette x


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