Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Good Hair Day???

Well I promised a couple of pics from last Wednesday so thought I'd better post them!
Please click on the pic of the whole gang outside the Clubhouse for a view of some ridiculous outfits.
Charlotte looks very serious painting one of the men's arms (after she'd painted on my poor long suffering OH's face a fab pink breast cancer ribbon and a heart and we'd sprayed his hair pink), Eileen obviously going back to her youth in her 60's garb... (couldn't resist the caption - LOL) and one of Yours Truly complete with bootiful pink hair............ I rather liked it and wanted to keep it but OH was a tad unsure...LOL
The gorgeous shabby chic brooch I have in the centre of my top was a lovely surprise gift from Maureen (ably assisted by Jan I'm told....) - it has a breast cancer pink ribbon in the centre and everyone wanted it! Maureen made me lots of goodies to sell and I want to again say thank you to her, Anne, Sassy (even though she isn't doing much crafting at the mo) and Jan who all donated stuff and money to my charity.

Since last Wednesday some of my friends who could not make it have given me donations too - and I also got a donation from a lady I've never met but is a friend of a lady at the Club - how nice was that?

So I am so very proud to tell you that I have today written a cheque for the sum of..... (big drum roll please...)


Unbelievably gobsmackingly amazingly AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

WELL DONE Viv, that's amazing! Well worth all your hard work
Sarah x

Jan said...

OMG Viv........ unbelievable! Many, many congratulations for all your efforts to achieve that fantastic goal.
LOVE THE HAIR........you look amazing. Shame you can't keep it.

Maureen said...

So glad you made the £1000!! I think you should have a pink hair day every week - looks great.


Congratulations!!!!!! that is brilliant x Well done you!

And yes i love the hair too!
Go on keep it!

Leigh x

My name is CINDY...... said...

Well I rather like the pink hair -you should definitely keep it!! Well done Viv.

June Nelson said...

Brilliant Viv raising all that money the photos are great, hope your keeping ok darlin huggies June x

Bedecked Beads said...

Your hair looks brilliant Viv, have you kept it up lol?

Fantastic acheivement! (ex Flippinpest)

Lee said...

Hi Viv.Fantastic pics and Congratulations on raising a wonderful amount for a very worthy cause.xx