Friday, 8 October 2010

I need a woolly jumper.....

Did you think you'd got rid of me? I've been missing for a while I know - but hard luck - I'm Back!!!! So here's the excuse for my absence -

for the last two weeks this has been what I have woken up to every morning..... at the gorgeous Asimina Suites in Cyprus.

I did NOT want to come home....... and I am COLD!!!!!
Ah well... back to normal (well almost - once I have finished the mountain of washing and ironing which we all manage to accumulate when we're on holiday!)
This holiday though rates as the best ever - it was a complete relax and total chill out. Good job I recharged the batteries - we agreed the sale on our house two days before we went and now need to find somewhere to live pronto!! (Have already measured up the beach here for a tent..... couldn't think of a better place to be go to when you're homeless!!!! LOL)
So I shall be trying to catch up with everyone over the next week or so and am looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to!


  1. wow that looks a fab place.

  2. Ooooh looks glorious,can see why you found it difficult to come back to England lol.Oh a new house too you are busy.Hope it all goes well for you.xx

  3. Really good to see you back Viv. That looks like one beautiful place you were staying at. I'm not surprised you're cold - but rumour has it, it's going to be a glorious weekend (hmmm, we'll see!)

    Oh you're moving home! How can you leave that wonderful craft room - no doubt you'll be packing it all up and re-installing it in the new place.

    Have a lovely weekend (best keep a brolly handy just in case!) xx

  4. Oh how wonderful that looks!!! I could do with a week in the sun. Enjoy being back to normal again....


  5. See what you mean - it's beautiful!! but back to the real world now!

  6. Glad you are safely back and that your hols were such a success. Hope you soon find a house that you like. A tent on the beach doesn't sound bad though!

  7. Ooooh, I love it too.
    Wish I was there.
    Best wishes for finding just the right house - when I know your new address I'll be able to send you some wool - I thought I was going to knit a waistcoat last winter but after about 6 inches I gave up and bought one!!!
    Connie, xx

  8. Lovely to have you back and glad you were able to chill out. Looks gorgeous... can understand why you didn't want to come home. Back to reality eh!

  9. wow its looks absolutely gorgeous there, you lucky lady!!
    hugs and xxx

  10. Hi Viv - that looks fab. I agree about the woolly jumpers - can't believe how chilly it has got.


  11. Hi Viv, it's looks like heaven, glad you had good time and great news with house sale. See you soon x


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