Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The agony!

Please bear with me - you will see that I do have some of my images back.... but
I am having to open each post individually, delete the space where the previous picture was then upload the picture again and save. As I have over 600 posts I could be here for a long long time trying to restore my blog.

It is painstaking and laborious work so I am intending on doing as many as I can each day before I get repetitve strain injury!

I had originally thought that I would just upload the more recent ones, but this blog has become so much a part of my life and is an actual extension of me - even if just recently I have been concentrating on card making, there are canvases, mixed media and other altered stuff  contained in here which mean a lot to me.

SO - I am going to try and put as much of it back as I can.

And just to prove that in between shouting at Blogger for losing my pictures (so much so that I had to indulge in some retail therapy this morning), I actually managed to create something that doesn't show my frustration!
 I do not take the credit for this card. It is a CASE of a fellow blogger who makes the most gorgeous cards. She posted a tutorial on changing the colours of digi images and I followed it (and her design) to make this.
Please go visit her beautiful blog.  and if you want to view her tutorial it is here

Ah well - back to the uploading...............


Meggymay said...

Glad to read you are getting somewhere with your blog. I had to start another blog, it was the easier option at the time.

craftattack said...

Good that you are getting your pictures uploaded again, wish you lots of patience to get it done!

Jan said...

I am SO feeling for you..... I think I would be going mad with the stress and frustration, which is silly really because there MUST be more to life! Good luck.... I hope it continues to right itself xxx

Jackie said...

What a beautiful card.
Well done on retrieving at least some of your blog stuff :o)
Jackie xx

georgina said...

Keep at it girl, you'll get there!!! love the card, luv Georginax