Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Where have all my pictures gone???

They were all there yesterday morning and now they've disappeared.... anyone any ideas please?


Zoechaos said...

Hi Viv

Its a problem many of us have had over the last few days think it to do with blogger and Microsoft. There is a fix in the Blogger Help Forum or you could do as I have done and change browser Google Chrome does not have the problem and its now my browser of choice. Hope this helps. XOXO Zoe

MaggieC said...

This happened to me not long ago, and a friend who is an expert told me to do the following.
In your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox or whichever you use), go to Tools, then Clear Your Recent History, then tick the boxes for 1.Browsing and Download History 2.Cookies and £. Cache
Then click Clear Now.
The close your browser, and restart it. With luck that should clear most of the problem. Good luck, Viv.

PetraB said...

Hi Viv, this is an email which was sent within the Gingersnap group, it sounds as if it describes exactly the problem you experience:
If you are finding that picture you include in your post disappears when you publish. It is a problem blogger knows about and are dealing with. In the mean time using a different browser seems to sort it out as well. There is a fix on Blogger help forum as well.

I have not looked into it myself as I haven't been affected - yet (lol). Hope it helps, Petra. x

Anne said...

OMG no idea! Have you tried lookign on Blogger Help? I think they have a support/admin blog...