Friday, 6 May 2011

See you in a couple of weeks!

Tomorrow night I shall be here! Not HERE - but THERE - where the pic is!

I aplogise for the lack of blogging this week but have been doing terribly boring things like shopping for new dresses and shoes and having my hair done!!! LOL

This hotel has to be my favouritist (is that a word????) in the entire world! (And yes they really do put candles out onto the decked area of the room in front of the private plunge pool).

From the minute we came back last September I have been counting the days till we go back - and even after THIS one is over we're going back again in 4 months time - so I can start the countdown all over again when we get back to the UK.
A massage in the Spa, being waited on hand and foot, having towels put on sunbeds for you by a 'pool boy' (actually he's about 26 and comes from Oldham!! LOL) , yummy food, amzingly huge strawberry shakes with lots of real strawbs in thick ice creamy stuff which I absolutely HAVE to have during the afternoon (have to watch this - mightn't get into the dresses if I indulge too much ), long lazy days in the sun - I cannot WAIT!!!!!

Whatever you're doing over the next two weeks, enjoy it!


PetraB said...

Have a fantastic trip and great holidays!

fatmonica said...

That looks like somewhere I should be!have a great time.

WendyK said...

Thanks for that Viv, now I'm a lovely shade of green, and it's raining

coops said...

have a fantastic holiday viv. :D

xx coops xx

Sherry Edwards said...

It looks and sounds wonderful Viv - have a fantastic time xx

Vicki said...

Hope your trip is fantastic...looks like a heavenly place to be hon!