Monday, 23 June 2014

Reading lists?

Seems there's a few people having the same problems as me with their reading list and the 'view more' button only showing one blog and not loading others..!category-topic/blogger/something-is-broken/TM9QlkTp6zc
Allegedly Google know about it - but HELLLLOOOOOO could they fix it please????
I am beginning to get a little bit irritated.
I can't scroll down the side reading list and individually look at each one.. I look at your blogs when they're updated so I apologise if I miss out visiting you.


  1. Thanks for the link. I have left them a snooty comment too. As you say, other blog providers are looking inviting. I may well copy your post to spread the word the more copmplaints and they might listen... what? a pig flying over???!!!!

  2. Grrr so frustrating isn`t it? Hope it`s sorted soon.
    Lynne xxx

  3. I've got the same problem, just so happens your post is the one showing. Nightmare! X

  4. i gave up with my blogs reading list a long time ago viv as some blogs were not showing up or taking ages to show up so i use bloglovin instead to keep up with people.

    xx coops xx

  5. Hi Viv this is a real pain. I keep leaving commenting hoping it will be sorted but nothing! I have now gone through all my reading list 1/2 hour commenting has taken 2 hours! Grrrrrrr! Susan x

  6. Yup, same here Viv - started happening to me yesterday morning. I spied your comment on Jules blog when I was catching up with the Playground else I'd have missed this post for exactly the reason you just spelled out. Have already put my two-pennorth in on the forum - did it yesterday. The additional problem is I think Bloggers are a bit scared to go in too hard lest Google pulls the plug on them as individuals - it's a free service and we're at their mercy is the bottom line. What a pile of p*o basically :(

    Hugs, Di xx

  7. Me agree! Very frustrating . . . I'm sure the blogger elves are working away at it as I type . . . or there's gonna be trouble! Grrr!

    Hugs, Darn Sarn xxx

  8. Well this is a vast improvement for me to even see one Blog!!! I have been having problems with my list for months. I have been using my comments listing and bloglovin downloads to see you all. On another gripe though I used to be able troll through blogs with a next and previous toggle at the top of the page. What happened to that little service! And don't get me started on google +. There I feel ever so much better now. Me thinks a little retail therapy is in order. Hugs Mrs a.


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