Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I had a full day at home yesterday which is in itself a bit of a novelty!
Apart from the usual mad unpacking, then the big decisions of what to wear to the next Presentation (as we all know you can't be seen in the same thing too many times!!!!) - I set aside a couple of hours to do something for me.

As always though I have ran out of time and although I finished one card (my DT card for next month's challenge) I didn't manage to finish this one - but thought I would share it anyway.

The more I look at it, the less I like it!

It was one of those that formed in my head but when I tried to interpret it onto the paper it just didn't  work!
And I have no idea what to do to finish it off - 'cos I think it does look unfinished!

Maybe that's what comes from trying to use up oddments of coloured card in a vain attempt to clear the desk (which is full of dust anyway as I've been absent so much) - or maybe it's because I simply had a need to do SOMETHING as I haven't been able to just sit for hours and mess about with inks!
Shall put it to one side and hope that it I find a use for it.........
Am popping into the Playground as I DID use up some odd offcuts of card!

I have a half hour before I have to leave for the next trip - so am going to try and visit as many of you as I can.
Have a great day whatever you're doing - and any thoughts you have on this sad little card would be welcomed! xx 


  1. The colors are lovely, lovely soft inking in combination with hot pink paper, looks great!

  2. I think it is great, love the shade of the pink card stock and the lovely design in the round window.

    Kath x

  3. Its a beautiful card Viv, you say its not finished, but sometimes it is good to have such a card in store. It will be suitable for a number of occasions when you have the need to use it.
    Yvonne xx

  4. I don't know why you don't like this card Viv as it is very pretty. I love the pink with the black and the little scene within the circle looks great. I think if you end up adding a sentiment somewhere on the card, perhaps in the the top lefthand corner to balance out the sweet script at the bottom that would be all it needed. I think it does look fine as it is though. I'm sure you enjoy it all but the constant travelling with not a lot of time at home in between must be very wearing, but hope all is going well. x

  5. ah Viv, I love hearing from you and know you are okay as I know you travel a lot. Fabulous card love this one..xxx [aNNie]

  6. Hi Viv . . . well, actually I like the card just as it is . . . all very CAS and lovely. But if you insist on adding something else to it, the only thing I can think of is some black ribbon or a small black die cut dragonfly! I know . . . I'm a BIG help aren't I!?

    Enjoy your gallivanting and Presentation and your posh togs.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  7. Well I think it's perfect Viv! Japanese styled art work is always elegant and not overdone - just tlike this card is. I'd leave it well alone. Curious about the sentiment - 'sushi and chips twice please' perhaps?

    Enjoy your travels - I picked up from your comment that you're heading Southwards - there are gales forecast to be heading our way so bring warm clothes and heave boots so you don't blow away :)

    Lovely to see you in the Playground as well.


    Di xx

  8. Actually I like the vivid pink front, with the simple script in the corner. I see what you mean about wanting to 'add a little something' else, but I don't think it needs anything. The way you've done the inset of the double circles with the spray of bamboo fronds...looks very Zen (not sure that is the right word, but very stylized as you see in a Japanese garden). Also love how you've done the 2nd generational stamping of the fronds. I can't tell if the mats are dark navy or black, but it calms down the pink, and is very soothing. At least IMHO. Enjoy your trip, and thanks for taking time to visit after I'd been MIA for so long. Hope your trip is wonderful, and you get to relax a bit. Hugs & TFS

  9. I love the scene you've created behind the aperture, Viv. Very peaceful, calm, and pretty! I think the card looks great the way it is. xx

  10. Well it looks fine to me Viv, what are you like, loving the pink of course too. How you still find time to make cards and leave comments I will never know.Such a busy year for you, looks like you are enjoying it all though ;) hugs Viv xx

  11. It looks ok to me - love the CAS of it. However, you could put something in the top left corner, maybe a butterfly?

  12. I think this has a lovely serene feel to it c

  13. I think to add anything else would be to spoil the lovely lines that you have on this card. Super colours. Safe travels. Hugs Mrs A.

  14. I think you are too hard on your card, Viv! It's really a lovely lovely card! The only tiny little thing I can think of is placing three tiny jewels horizontally in the space between the edge of the circle and the edge of your vertical characters. It's so of hard to explain but I think that might "bridge" the two and make the eye flow from one to the other? But boy I had to really search for that idea because I love it as is! Hugs, Darnell

  15. I think your card looks beautification Vov. The blending and silhouette stamping looks very stylish and it would work for many occasions. Barbxx


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