Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Promise and Pink

I have today been able to sit and make a mess in the craftie space. I bought some cosmic shimmer powders and succeeded in making the office wall a lovely gold irridescent colour..I was actually trying to spray paper at the time but never mind! Some of it DID manage to stay on the paper and I have put it to dry. (Watch this space!)

Once I cleared up I decided to fiddle about with another fimo face (What else???!).

'In the Pink' is a pearly fimo face embedded in friendly plastic and mounted on Mulberry paper. Then put some tissue in a 'frame' shape and coloured with shimmer powder and acrylic paint.

'A Promise To Write' was another attempt with shrink plastic and some stamps. I liked this brown versamark ink and hope the purists amongst you will forgive me for the tiny tiny heart peel off on the vellum envelope!!!!


  1. These both look fab! I always think the wall look better multicoloured anyway :) x

  2. I love the pink piece. And I say purist-schmurist. I go for the overall effect.

  3. two wonderful atcs. I agree with artbliss here, as an artist use whatever gives you the effect you are after. No room for art snobs in my pantheon. - John


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