Sunday, 11 January 2009


Over at MAMMA, there is a Valentine's challenge using a heart shaped template.

I am not good with a sewing needle and find working with fabric quite difficult so I opted for the safe old paper creation! Whilst I have in my list of favorites things pink, romantic and vintage I decided to have a change for this challenge.
The background of this heart is handmade paper which has been 'crinkled' although this doesn't show up very well on the photo. (In fact, I am not pleased with this photo as I was happy with this project once I'd completed it and I don't think this shows it off to it's best, so trust me, it DOES look better in 'real life'! If you want a better view just click on the picture - it makes it larger and clearer.)
After adding the crinkle paper, I double edged the heart with two different layers of lace. I placed a second layer of corrugated card over the back attaching the brown hanging ribbon before glueing.
The little brown spotty heart at the top is made from thin wood and I added fibres, a flower and a skeleton leaf and two fabric butterflies before attaching the silver 'Love' word charm. Over at 'Created by Hand' the challenge was to create something using the word Love - so here it is!


  1. It looks lovely Viv - I love the little wooden heart at the top and the lace too.

    I know exactly what you mean about disappointing photos - I've had that many a time - still at least when the items arrive the receipient is even more pleased (well, we hope so anyway!)

  2. Nothing wrong with 'good old paper' Viv! This has turned out beautifully - great idea to crinkle the paper and the lace around it works really well with the vintage look.

  3. This looks great, when you see the blown up version of the photo. Fantastic work Viv :-)

  4. Viv, hi, I agree with flippinpest, it does look a lot better when you click on it to enlarge it. Very sweet. I am with you, paper over fabric!!
    Hugs, Leslie

  5. Ah, yes, much better when I clicked on the photo!

    Lovely work and a real vintage feel

  6. Looks great on the big picture Viv!!

  7. Oh how wonderful, Viv! So lovely of you to pop up with a comment on my blog. I've missed you. I always forget to use crumpled paper but always love the look when I see it on others' sites.

  8. I really am going to have to have ago at this aint i?

    Yummy heart Viv ole bean xx

  9. Very cool! and unexpected! Thanks for taking the challenge!

  10. Viv, it is beautiful! I bet is does look FABULOUS in person!

    I share your distaste of all things related to sewing and have found some really creative ways to use paper instead. I actually like how it looks better and I love the crinkles!

    Renee :)

  11. Very impressive heart.
    Amazing design. Love them.


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