Friday, 30 January 2009

Picture folder - 6th Album, 6th Picture

I was tagged by Pattie and Anne to do this and will join in the fun, but I hope they'll forgive me for not tagging anyone else to do it....

The idea is you for to open your picture album on your PC and pick the 6th picture from the 6th Album. My 6th Album is the one that relates to my ancestry research and houses all the photos of my ancestors I have acquired over the last 4-5 years during the course of my compiling my family tree.

This photo is a picture of my Great - Great Grandfather who was born in Ireland in 1806 and was a Sergeant in the Royal Irish Constabulary.

He and his wife had 11 children. One died, 8 of the children emigrated to Australia, one remained in Ireland and the other, my Great- Grandfather left Ireland after serving in the 1st Royal Dragoons, moved to England, became a policeman for a short time and then eventually moved to Liverpool.
My Great-Great-Grandfather and his wife lived in great hardship in Ireland until the 1880's when, despite their advancing years, they embarked on the long journey to Australia.

He died just 18 months after being reunited with his children and his wife died 5 years later.



woweee, mrs vivienne, this is reeeeally interesting this ancestry lark.

I'd be too frightened to drag up some of my ancestors. LOL .

Pattie said...

Your forgiven Viv lol,I know what you mean .......very interesting story ! I enjoyed reading xx
LOL @Margaret

Sharon said...

What a fascinating story! I'm so glad your great-grandfather was reunited with his children before he died but it is such a shame it was only for a short time.

Jan said...

What a handsome man and a fascinating, albeit, tragic story.

Anne said...

Nice one Viv!

D'you think we ought to have an SBS amnesty from tagging and awards?