Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I know it's a week since I posted - I have suffered from severe crafting withdrawal symptoms as I have had very little free time - and what free time I have had I've spent selecting teams for forthcoming games and when I'd finished that I was just too tired to do anything!
I did however manage to scrape a win last Saturday in our first event of the season! If you want to look at a pic follow this link!
As I've had no crafting time this is something that I made a few weeks ago and didn't get round to posting on here - it was made for a jigsaw charm swap. You could send a 'stand alone' jiggy charm to be put onto a bracelet or a charm mounted onto an ATC, and the swap host would send you soemthing similar in return.

I am not very good with small jiggy bits!!! Only large ones!

I wasn't particularly confident of being able to produce something that would be good enough for attaching to a bracelet, so I decided to put the jigsaw piece onto an ATC. The background is a paper collage of various cities, I stamped the face image onto the acrylic painted jigsaw piece and coloured it before applying a couple of coats of glaze and once dry then added the charm at the bottom.
As I haven't entered any challenges for ages, I have submitted this into the 'Lots to Do' challenge this week who's theme is 'Faces'.


  1. Love that ATC Viv - unfortunately I didn't get it :( lol

    I saw your pic over on Flickr - congrats on your win - I forgot to say there how lovely you look too - a real winning smile in every sense of the word!

  2. Brilliant atc Viv and I just love that jigsaw charm

    Thank you so much for choosing our Lotstodo Challenge to take part in this week - Sam xxx

  3. Wonderful ATC and charm!

  4. wow, I think this is amazing!!

  5. This is totally amazing. I think you're the Queen of ATC's. You do such an awesome job. Where do you get your inspiration? If it comes bottled, please send me some!

  6. Oooh i love this ATC very clever.
    Trish (-:

  7. I think it's incredible. You inspire me a great deal.

  8. Wish I could make ATCs like this - so clever. Also congratulations on your win and the roses were beautiful too.

  9. Fabulous , Viv! I love it!
    Hugs, Vanja

  10. What a gorgeous piece Viv, it's beautiful :)

    Good luck for the season!

  11. Viv, I LOVE this one. I am a huge fan of random, abstract faces and this one is right down my alley.

    You are truly the ATC master :)



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