Thursday, 14 May 2009

Normal service has resumed.........

At least I hope it has!! Have been without a full broadband connection since last Wednesday and I wouldn't have believed how annoyingly irritating the last week has been. I have felt bereft without being able to speak to all the friends I have made here in blogland and cyberspace. I could read and send e mails with the aid of a mobile broadband dongle thingy but couldn't do anything else!
I've had the dear husband ranting and raving at the ISP every day for a week (not only on my behalf I might add... he's been unable to sink submarines or shoot anyone with all his 'clan' friends which has made him extremely tetchy!). The dear husband is a computer whizz and has been telling the ISP that the fault was at their end not here.... finally this morning they sent an engineer round to the house....OH told the ISP that the engineer was wasting his time.... miraculously once the engineer arrived our internet connected without him doing anything!!!!!!!!!!!! Spooky??? Or just the ISP deciding that dear husband was right?????
Right, enough of the internet problems...
In the absence of connection I've been at a bowling green somewhere in the country nearly every day and have had no inspiration for any crafting (probably cos I was too irritated!). My County Team recorded their first win in the first inter County game of the season which reminded them that they achieved the impossible last year and won this Inter County league ! Hopefully the Team Manager (Me) can keep all their spirits up - there's a long way to go and there's bound to be a few slip ups on the way!
I have posted a pic of an ATC I made under the term 'fiddling about' (which is what I do when I have no inclination or ideas to make anything meaningful!). It's a sponged ink backgound with an oriental style stamp and a pretty oriental facial image printed on vellum then mounted on card. A few fibres etc added to give some depth. Not one of my more adventurous efforts but wanted to post a pic!!!


  1. Oh Viv you're back! I know just how frustrating it is without that all important connection - I think we're all the same and what you said about your DH applies in my household too - LOL.

    Good luck with your team - sounds as though you've made a good start.

    As for your ATC - well, not bad I suppose!!!!!!!!!! (it's fabby of course)

  2. Just think of all the Christmas cards you could have been making in your fiddling about sessions!!!

  3. Sorry about your internet, I am lost without it. How sad is my life I guess. This ATC is stunning of course as Viv made it. Everything you do is stunning. What is a bowling green. And congrats on your win once I know what it means. Goodness I lead a sheltered life.

  4. Welcome back :)

    No computer is horrid. My younger son's computer stopped working yesterday and you'd think he was bereaved - little toad! Offered mine for an hour of MSN to his friends, but not acceptable!

  5. Welcome home Viv,fab card,I loveeee oriental ! wow you lead a busy life........god knows what I would do if i couldnt get online,I spend more time here than in real life LOL,thank god for 2 sons who keep it going !

  6. Hi Viv! This is a stunning ATC, I love the image.
    Hugs, Vanja

  7. I know the feeling I used to run out of broadband until I increased my amount and for awhile the last week of the month could do nothing - so sad - good to have you back

  8. Another beauty!!! Would anyone ever expect anything less? You're do amazing work...I'm jealous!

  9. Viv, your ATC is fantastic. I love the soft colors.
    Hugs, Leslie


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