Tuesday, 30 June 2009

One I made earlier!

I have had major problems the last week accessing my blog! Had tried absolutely everything... (well not quite... I DID manage to resist the 'resort to hitting PC with hammer' urges.....JUST!) The darn thing let me open the page but not sign in.. and then when it let me sign in, it locked the PC.

After much frustration and a few more grey hairs OH said it might be the playlist.... apparently there is some legal dispute going on in USA about the playlist ..... so finally we managed to get onto the blog dashboard long enough for me to delete my much loved (by me) music. Since the playlist has gone I've had no problems.... so am hoping that OH can find another music gadget for me to add (I know some of you find the music annoying, but some people have said they like it!) and also that I have no more problems getting on the blog!

Right that's enough explanation of my absence.... (bowling season still busy too....) and I have spent the last hour trawling through the challenge sites to see what I've missed - which is a lot!

My friends at Flickr will have seen this ATC before - but as the theme on So Artful was 'gypsy', I decided to post this on my blog and enter it into June's challenge!


Jan said...

VIV - you've saved my 'blogging' life (if you'll pardon the expression!!!!) I've had exactly the same problems with my blog. I've logged onto it and within seconds it has frozen and locked everything up. Then it would jerk into action and then lock again - diring me mad! I took your lead today and deleted my playlist (which wasn't working anyway) and now it's fine! What an angel!
Love the atc - loved it first time around too!

June said...

Hi Viv, wow am i behind with actual blogging or what ? I have missed my fave blogs, yours included but there has been so much in my life this year and catching up is difficult. I shall be back to see more soon as i can. I hope all is good with you though and thanks for coming and playing at the freebie soartful challenge.
I love this its very fun and very intriguing. Great work Viv
Hugs June x

Jan said...

I've got to say it again LOL - my blog is actually WORKING after a week or more of frustration and 'freezing' ! Can't believe it I'm sooooooooooooo relieved! Thanks again xx

WildGoose said...

Nice smoldering,intriguing-looking gypsy- like the mysterious back entranceway , too!