Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bunny Bond

Once again my friends at MAD Mamma (Monthly Art Doll) will have seen this but I realised I hadn't posted it on my blog and it fits the challenge from theme of 'Playful Dolls' from Mixed Media Monday this week.

Bunny Bond was made from a paper template and given a black felt jacket complete with tiny bow tie and a row of gold 'buttons'. His face was coloured with watercolours and his shoes done in acrylic paint to make them look like shiny patent leather! The bottom part of his body was cut from black pearlised card

As Bunny is a super spy, he comes with his own gun and an accompanying 'Licence to Kill' ATC!
I know I know... MAD Mamma group is aptly named....


  1. Wow what a scarry rabbit.
    Thanks for comment.

  2. Really cool idea and fantastic work.

  3. LOL! He's not a bunny to get caught in your headlights, is he?!

  4. Oh, Viv, Bunny Bond is very suave! Love him! Diane


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