Wednesday, 12 August 2009


My card stock is seriously depleted and I have set myself the task of 'no altering, no making lots of mess, just card making' for a couple of days.

This serious self imposed sentence is very difficult - there were a couple of things in a recent magazine (one made out of a stampbord box and another made from clay mounted on canvas) which I am itching to have a go at.... but I am trying to be good!

So with halo polished, I made a couple of cards using the new bird stamps. I have also stamped up lots of images ready for more cards.... whether I manage to use them today or not is a different matter.... the stampbord box is looking at me!!! I shall have to put it out of sight otherwise the card box will remain half empty.


Deborah said...

Gorgeous cards, Viv. Especially the yellow one.

nancy said...

The yellow one is pristine and beautiful, but I love the depth and artfulness of the blue one.
Your work just gets better and better!

Anne said...

Another Elusive Images addict :). Love both of these, but especially that warm yellow card, doesn't need any playing about, does it? Just speaks for itself

My name is CINDY...... said...

I know what you mean Viv, sometimes I have to be strict with myself and use up some of this stash rather than fiddle around with bottle tops and paint.

Makes room for more .....

Love the bird stamps.