Monday, 10 August 2009

Hasty cards!

I have sorely neglected my blog (and my crafting) whilst the National Championships are ongoing -(am off again at the end of the week), but I did find time to make a couple of cards in the middle of last week.

I also met up with some crafting friends last Saturday and had a great day! I finally got my hands on the new goodies that Maureen had got for me on a recent shopping trip to Graphicus at Barnard Castle. (It wasn't a long list I gave her...... honest...... but she did mention something about the car boot not being big enough......must have been all the stash she bought for herself, mine was only a teeny pile....)

I have waited an eternity ( well about a month really.......) for this new stash and have a couple of clear days this week to try all the new stamps and other bits out!


Maureen said...

Hope you aren't neglecting the housework! now you have your new toys!!!

Jan said...

Great cards Viv - lovely stamps. Take no notice of the lady from Leicester!

Pia said...

wow what a great cards

Ange J Lee said...

S*D housework....have new toys...gotta play with em LOL! since Maureen very kindly went to all that trouble (trouble? I doubt it as it sounds like she got a fair bit out the shopping trip too) then you must show her efforts were worth it. You're obliged to make use of all that lovely stash...right now! Dust can wait! love the cards Viv...especially the black and white one - that face stamp is gorgeous.