Thursday, 20 August 2009

Taken Advice!

After leaving the clay piece overnight and coming back to it this morning, I definitley decided I didn't like the gold background. So out with the gesso!

I mixed some Pearlescent Tint with 'Pale Olive' and re did the background.

Am happier now! So thank you Sherry!

I may add some random mosaic pieces before it finally takes up residence on the work room wall.


  1. Now this I love !! I saw a similar piece in this mths Craft Stamper (I think it was that or one of my books)and thought I must have a go at have done a fantastic work of art, i,m in awe lol

  2. It's really good, love the colour change - it's right - did I tell you I have a book of all this type of mosaic work - will bring it up for you to look at!

  3. Beautiful piece Viv! I really like the texture and colors, very nice! Aloha...

  4. Great piece Viv, I have the book as well. It's the time I don't have. Prefer this colour as well


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