Thursday, 5 November 2009

Another toe dip into the fabric pool!

A couple of weeks ago I was partnered with Jan in a domino book swap. Inside the envelope she sent me (apart from the beautiful domino book!) was an assortment of lace and buttons, a picture printed onto cotton and an instruction to 'make another pretty fabric collage'.

So I have done as I'm told! (Jan can be really fierce if you cross her...LOL)

Here is my second venture into the world of fabric collage. I would like to think I am improving but I know there is still a long way to go before I get even close to my other talented friends!

The fabric back is a piece of Chinese silk given to me by my mother in law. She had a whole array of small pieces in different colours - these are now all at home with me! Inside the pack of material were bills dating back to 1975 from the Kowloon store where they were bought (this proves doesn't it, that if you keep something long enough it eventually comes in useful!!!)

The applique rose corner I cut from a sweater a long time ago and found in the bottom of the lace box - I stitched some tiny beads on it for a bit of sparkle.

All I need to do now is to make several more pieces and get them into a book...............................!!


  1. LOL VIV!!!!!! Brilliant and so pretty xxxx

  2. Lovely - you really are getting there - fast!!!!

  3. It's gorgeous Viv - you're a natural! All your little bits of silk sound divine too!

  4. hi matey this is the colours and the lace well i would woudnt i eh!!!! lvs sassxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Fabulous ! love anything fabric as you know lol this is beautiful ! x

  6. This is lovely! Drat I wish I had known you were going to the NEC too! All the other bloggers I "know" are there tomorrow but I'm teaching quilting tomorrow...

    I think I'll be grounded from craft shows for months after that splurge LOL. So where did you buy your stamps?

  7. This is stunning Viv!! Can't believe it is only your second foray into fabric collage!!


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