Friday, 8 January 2010

Cold pheasant for tea?

It is really cold again today and I managed to get into the workroom without falling flat on my face - the snow here is not thawing at all and the ground underfoot is treacherous.

Here are a couple of pics, one taken a couple of days ago when the snow was falling heavily - don't you feel sorry for this lonely pheasant who landed on the first lawn near the house during the heaviest snowfall I've seen for years! Bet his feet were really cold! I took this pic through the side window of the workroom and before I could adjust the camera for a closer view Mr Pheasant decided he'd had enough and flew over the fence into the field behind - obviously gone to seek refuge in an outbuilding!

The other pic is a view down the garden this morning from the far edge of the first lawn - I braved the cold long enough to fill the bird feeders and take the pic! Then it was back into the warm workroom as fast as I could go. I suppose everyone else is fed up with the snow as it appears that the entire country has ground to a halt with schools closed and roads being left ungritted - (our lane is almost impassable either on foot or by car and there's no way the cars can get up the slope to the canal crossing) - but I confess to being completely overawed by the view down the garden and also across the fields from the house to the hills - the sky was a cloudless bright blue, the moon was sharing the sky with the sun and my whole world was covered in a sparkling ethereal white blanket - beautiful!