Monday, 4 January 2010

Don't look too closely..... my stitching!!!!!

Maureen decided to use me as an experiment and sent me one of her gorgeous fabric postcards (the oriental one at the front of the pic here on Maureen's blog) via Royal Mail without any protective envelope/cover - it arrived undamaged and in pristine condition (so a big thank you to our sometimes much maligned postal service)............

Being Maureen though, I was not going to be able to get away with just receiving a post card without an instruction to 'Have a go at one yourself'...................which is all very well if you're good with a sewing machine (which I'm not).

So here is a rather raggedly stitched fabric postcard which I shall give to Maureen (for her sins - and for her making me attempt something I am definitely NOT good at!!!)


  1. What you talking about Willis? It looks great and I'm not just saying that.

  2. Very nice postcard. What fun to get that in the mail. ~Great colors

  3. Love your postcard. I got really into this at one point and traded 100s of cards, all naked through the post. Very few had any problems or damage, it's surprising what you can send with the help of a friendly Post Office. Our postie used to love looking at them before he deliveed them :)

  4. This is lovely - I really enjoyed doing the fabric ATC's for our recent swap and thought I would have a go at a postcard or tow so yours has given me some inspiration. I may not get to it until after my holidays though!

  5. Love it Viv! Beautifully made and lovely colours. I, too, got one through the post from 'M' and was amazed that it arrived so perfectly. I understand we'll be doing a swap when she gets back (if she ever does lol....what with all this snow. She may be having to reside with Aunt Rose for a little bit longer than she'd anticipated!)
    Happy New Year to you and yours xxxx

  6. He Vivvy me darl whats wrong with this like, I think its fantastic, at least you do real sewing unlike me that uses a pen lol. Nowt wrong with it lass its beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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