Wednesday, 22 December 2010

'Nother Tag!

Now that Jan has received this, I thought I could share it!
(Although if I find out she's opened her pressie as well she'll be in DEEP
This is a variation on a tag that I made for Maureen.Used Victorian Velvet Distress Ink on the music script paper and coloured me flower with red acrylic paint and a bit of glossy accents.
Was quite pleased with myself 'cos I managed to stamp AND emboss a greeting onto a small piece of acrylic which started it's life as tag shaped but became more rectangle when I ran over it with the wheels of the chair....... (the other bits are embedded somewhere beneath the desk or ground into the mat). Anyway I rescued the largest piece and with the use of a trusty file smoothed off the edges and made it into a rectangle thingy shape.
The numbers are little wooden ones I bought at the NEC.... when I got home I spent 5 days looking for them - I was moaning to Maureen that I'd lost them and wailing 'what am I going to do now' 'cos I was convinced I'd thrown them away with the carrier bags when trying to hide the evidence(till receipts) from DH......
I found the little blighters nestling away in the corner of my (cavernous) handbag - (which Mum used to call a 'port manteau') when I was searching for a lip salve!!! So although they tried to make a bid for freedom, I prevailed!!!!!! ...... And glittered them for punishment for trying to escape.
Challenges -
Creative Belli - Christmas
The Artistic Stamper - Jens Tag Withdrawal Challenge


  1. Crikey .... I didn't realise you went through such trauma to make this! I am even MORE grateful! It is beautiful.... thank you again xxxx
    Still haven't opened the pressie but whatcha gonna do about it if I DO? I wouldn't tell you anyway lol!!

  2. Just lovely!

    Merry Christmas!


  3. LOL at Jan!

    It's a beautiful tag Viv, I like the stamping on the survived acrylic piece! The sparkly gold flourish is fab too.

    I've done that many a time too - run something over with my chair!

  4. It's a beautiful tag, Viv....and I love the story behind it. ;-)

  5. Wishing you a Happy Christmas Viv and that is a gorgeous tag.
    Annette x

  6. Love your story - you sound just like me! I also love your tag. The glitter really makes it special.

  7. It's a gorgeous tag! Always love gold swirls:)

  8. Very stylish and elegant .... love the colours and the glitter.

  9. Well I hope for her sake she didn't open her gift yet! A beautiful tag!

  10. Wonderful, love the paper rosette.
    A Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. Another great tag! Thanks for sharing. I love it. Merry Christmas again.

  12. This is a gorgeous tag Viv, I love it.


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